Mi Dia (My Day) Begins Now

Good morning my dear online diary! Boy is it a windy one today.  We had two days of tornado watches and warnings, only to top it off with a wind advisory.  I love the wind, and a non-destructive storm, but the thing is we live right next to the woods.  Who knew trees could bend down so far without snapping in half? Please don’t snap in half!

Our family just received good news this morning.  Someone put in an offer on our house! What? You say you’re moving? Oh, dear.  I guess I forgot to fill you in on all the details.

Here’s the deal – Scott started a new job in South Carolina at the beginning of March, so we’ve been living apart for the past month while (patiently) waiting for our house to sell. It hasn’t been the easiest thing I’ve ever done and I am in no way envious of single parents.  Between preparing the house for showings, hauling the kids out every time there’s a showing, homeschooling the kids, keeping the kids fed, and chasing Bubba from one corner of the house to the other, there hasn’t been much time to relax.  While I’m excited to finally have an offer on the house and have Scott rejoin our family, I find a twinge of anxiety and fear knocking on my door.  “What if I have to move into the yucky little trailer he’s staying in?  What if we run into trouble getting the loan for our new house? What if, what if, what if?”  Blah!! I will once again shut off the negativity and turn on the truth – At least I will have shelter while God works out all the details.  God always works everything out for our good, and perfects those things which concern us.  He’s aligning things in our lives right now, making a way where there seems to be no way, and in the end we will look back in awe and say, “What a ride! I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

One upside to receiving the offer at this point in time is Scott’s mom and brother are flying in tomorrow to stay with us for a week.  Can you say “Help packing?!” Hip hip hooray! It might look like a coincidence to some, but to me it’s a divine appointment orchestrated by the Living God.

Enough talk about moving.  I can’t afford to think too much about that today.  Maxwell’s birthday is Saturday, and with our visitors arriving tomorrow I have to finish making her cake today.  Maxwell, for some reason, believes I am a master baker and each year insists on a cake with a higher level of difficulty.  This year I will attempt to create a stained glass cake.  The stained glass cake involves drawing and painting flowers directly on to the fondant. In between storm warnings yesterday I was able to bake the cake and make a batch of marshmallow fondant (the only kind that is truly edible in my opinion).  Today I decorate my masterpiece, but not until I eat breakfast….



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