Exercising Prophetically

Dear Diary,

I was just blocked on Facebook the other day. Can you believe it?! You can’t? Well, I can. It’s funny how when you expose the enemy, he gets pretty upset, and therefore the people he’s messing with get upset too. The person that blocked me is the head of two “prophetic” groups. I simply stated that I was leaving the groups because I found them to be practicing things that are un-biblical.

Anyway, here’s what is going on (what got her goat so-to-speak). Instead of writing it all out again, I’ll just copy and paste my recent Facebook status. Plus it will be easier for me to find again if I ever feel the need to re-read what I wrote.

“There’s a new deception going on in the church (new to me anyway), and many people seem to be falling for it. They call it “prophetic activation” and “prophetic exercises.” They claim that in order for you to step into your calling as a prophet, you need to be “activated.” Truth is, no man can activate you. That is up to Jesus. He is the one who decides who is a prophet before they are even formed in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5), and when He calls you a prophet, you are activated! When He says “GO!” and “Speak!” you go and speak! He says to DESIRE the gift of prophecy, not to go out and play prophet just because you want to be one. These people are also saying in order to increase “your skills” (what happened to it being a gift and ability from the Holy Spirit??) YOU can perform “prophetic exercises” which include looking at a picture or color and asking God what He’s saying in it. Other “exercises” include picking a person, and then others asking God who that person is, and then prophesying over them. All of this is divination. It is like Christians playing psychics, and performing card or tea leaf readings all in the name of “practicing” your gifting or sharpening “your gift”. They believe they’re hearing from the Holy Spirit, so they speak whatever enters their mind, but in reality they have positioned themselves to hear from the wrong spirit – familiar spirits. Folks, that is NOT how it works! We do not get to prophecy just because we want to. We prophecy at the leading of the Holy Spirit. 2 Peter 1:21 says, “For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” We are HIS mouthpiece, and we don’t get to tell Him what to do and when to do it! WE can’t increase our gifting by anything WE do. It’s through a close relationship with the Lord, and through obedience that He will speak through us more and more. It’s in spending time with Him that we will begin to hear and see clearer; not through “prophetic exercises.””

You know, I have grown prophetically over the past few years, and I have never done any prophetic exercises in order to grow. As my relationship with the Lord has grown, so has my ability to see and hear clearly. I have searched the Scriptures, but have not found even one prophet who has ever had to be activated by anyone, or who have had to go through these so-called prophetic exercises. People are so hungry for the supernatural, they are falling for everything and anything.

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say today other than I put my brand new grill to use, and grilled some beautiful rib-eyes and zucchinis this afternoon. It’s now time to kick my husband’s butt at another game of Phase 10. For some reason he thinks he’s going to be able to win…


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