Mi Vida

Hey there!  I’m Kristin. It’s so great to meet you! You know, just the other day I got this craaaazy idea to start an online diary.  I figured, who doesn’t like to read other people’s diaries?  I mean seriously.  So I thought, “Hey, why not share my life with…the WORLD?”

I’m sure you’re all crazy excited to find out exactly who I am, so here we go…

As I mentioned previously, my name is Kristin, though sometimes I’m called Mom, Vice President, Queen, or even Your Majesty. I have three kids, so I’ve been given just about every name under the sun.

My husband simply calls me “Babe,” which of course reminds me of the pig, but I just smile and work through the minor irritation. We’ve been married for close to 17 years, and that’s the worst he’s ever called me, so we’re good.

Our family is from Michigan, but the Lord spoke and now we’re not.  My husband and I packed our bags, loaded up the kids, left both of our families in Michigan and headed south to the fine state of Georgia.  Some say we’re crazy, I say we’re in the same boat as Abraham was when the Lord told him to “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”  Who doesn’t like a little excitement every now and again?

Since moving to Georgia I began homeschooling our three kids, who will go by different names in this here diary. My husband Scott, who occasionally goes by the name “Prince Edward, and I have a 15 year old daughter Maxwell, an 11 year old daughter Josephine, and a 4 year old son Bubba.  Homeschooling wasn’t our first choice, but for the most part we’re all enjoying it. Which reminds me, I’m behind on MY Spanish lessons.  I figure Maxwell needs someone to talk to as she progresses through her first year in Spanish.

Before I go, I should probably tell you what I do in my free time. When I’m not cleaning my castle, or teaching my three lovely students, I enjoy crocheting, knitting, photography, cooking, canning, refinishing furniture, you name it!  If it’s crafty, I probably do it.  I crochet and sell a lot of hats every year through Facebook and craft shows, and have just recently opened an Etsy store.  Yay for working from home, and doing what you love!

I should probably also mention that I enjoy writing, which inadvertently led me here.

Welcome to Mi Vida – My Life.

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“Dear Diary… I’m just wondering who ate all of my chocolate?! What am I going to eat while I’m reading in bed? Carrot sticks?! No. Thanks. This has been one of those days that require a full bag of delicious Dark & Sea Salt Caramel Ghirardelli chocolate squares.

Anyway, you will not believe what happened today…”

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